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How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

how much are massage chairs

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost? 

A massage chair is a significant purchase, and you may ask yourself, “Is a massage chair worth it?”  Of course, it helps to be sure you’ve done your homework before you lay down the payment. That said, a massage chair is an economical investment. Let’s run some numbers to determine the real cost and value of a luxury massage chair.

What Are You Paying for Massage?

If you are accustomed to a weekly massage, and you maybe visit the chiropractor and/or physical therapist every month—which is to say, if you are accustomed to paying for the care and maintenance of your one-and-only body—then you are used to spending $100 to $150 a week (and maybe more depending on where you live) for these services.

At 52 weeks, that puts your expenses at $5,000 to $8,000 per year. Now maybe you don’t go that often. Still, the outlay probably surprises you, even if you are in the habit of paying for it. A top-quality massage chair with the best options and features available will run you $6,000 to $10,000. So, in a little over a year, even the top-of-the-line chair will have paid for itself. 

Cost vs. Value

 When you consider the value of the chair, in addition to cost, it gets even better. Your massage chair is available 24/7, year-round. Even on weekends or at midnight, your “therapist” is waiting for you. And you spend zero time and nothing on gas or wear-and-tear on your automobile getting to your massage chair. Those costs make your massage chair an even better investment.

Keep this  in mind as well: With massage, as with so many things, frequency matters. Just as you wouldn’t exercise once a week and expect to see great results, massage once per month or even once per week is far less effective than more regular intervals of sessions. Most people would choose to see their therapist far more often if it were more cost effective, convenient and, and less of a demand on time. A good massage chair checks all of these boxes.

Other “Value” Considerations

Other value items are the warranty from top manufacturers and the financing we can offer. We offer a 90-day, risk-free in-home trial, a free 5-year extended warranty, and free delivery on all our chairs. Your initial outlay won’t break the bank, and you’ll have the assurance of a dependable and durable product.

If you’ve never had a massage in your life, well then, you have different metrics. But with a combination of air-cells, stretching movements and mechanisms working at the same time and in concert with one another vs. two hands from a therapist, a chair can cover more real-estate in a shorter period of time. Perfect for those times when you are in a rush. By any measure,  a luxury massage chair is a great investment in your health.

And There Are Great Financing Options Too

For far less than the out-of-pocket costs of visits to massage therapists or other bodywork professionals, you can have a massage chair in your living room…or den…or (better yet) your bedroom. 

Even the very, very top massage chairs will cost you less than $200 per month if you qualify for one of our massage chair financing programs. Best off all, most financing programs are offered at ZERO COST to you For more information, we suggest that you visit our financing page here.

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Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese Massage Chairs

Japanese massage chairs have long been the industry standard. If you are contemplating a purchase, a made-in-Japan massage chair should be considered. 

The first massage chairs were made in Japan, so the culture created around quality massage chairs started and centers in Japan. In fact, the whole notion of a medical massage chair was an outgrowth of rules and regulations established decades ago by the Japan Ministry of Health. With this government involvement, oversight, and endorsement of the concept of a medical massage chair, public interest burgeoned to a point where more than  15% of Japanese households own a massage chair. In Japan,  made-in-Japan medical massage chairs are viewed as essential tools that provide real health benefits. 

Japanese brands like Panasonic and OHCO are already recognized worldwide, and the premium massage chair market has been shaped by Japanese brands and Japanese manufacturers. With the introduction by OHCO of the made-in-Japan M-Series massage chair, they now set the standard as the global leader in the massage chair industry. 

What makes Japanese made massage chairs better? Innovation and high standards for quality and performance are driven by demanding consumers, competition for Japanese market share, and stringent regulations. One way to understand why massage chairs made in Japan are so highly regarded inside and outside the industry is to understand how the nature of the Japanese market has shaped the chairs that are made in Japan – OHCO is an example – and the brands that originated in Japan – Panasonic is an example. 

In Japan you find the perfect blend of a society that’s tuned into the benefits of massage with a manufacturing culture focused on precision. This culminates in Japanese  chairs that are innovative, offer superior massage sensations, and are durable and dependable. Japanese manufacturers typically offer user-friendly warranties, too, so if something does go wrong, you have a team at your back. 

Massage chairs as an essential household medical and health necessity is a concept beginning to take hold in the US, but in Japan, it has been common sense for decades. If you’re interested in products certified by the Japan Ministry of Health as medical massage chairs, you can explore the offerings from Panasonic and the OHCO M.Series models that are made in Japan. For now, Japanese-made massage chairs (or chairs made by Japanese brands like Panasonic) are the market leaders in Japan, the US, and around the world.

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Best Massage Chairs

Best Massage Chair Collection

It’s the 2020s, a period when massage chairs appear to be everywhere. It’s also a time when a top-quality massage chair is a wonderful (and potentially magical) addition to life at home. It provides relaxation and relief from myriad mind and body stresses and strains . The best of the best massage chairs can even be a stylish complement to décor. But what is the best massage chair is a question each person, each family must answer for themselves. With hundreds of brands being offered, how do you decide what massage chair is best for you?

Do you know what you want? Do you know what defines “best” for you?

One person’s top of the line massage chair may not be another person’s top pick. In our experience, most people are impressed by their first encounter with a massage chair. In fact, we have all watched people sit in the mall massage chairs that take dollar bills or credit cards and exclaim, “Wow! This is an amazing massage chair.” (Hint: mall pay-per-use massage chairs are not amazing, and once you know what else is out there, that first experience fades in the rear view mirror.)

·  What type of massage do you prefer?

·  When you go to a professional masseuse, what do you ask for?

·  How intense do you like your massage?

·  What areas of your body are particularly important to you for massage treatment?

·  What health concerns—like sciatica or fibromyalgia—do you have that a chair could address?

·  Does someone else in your home who plans to use the massage chair have different needs and desires?

·  How often do you imagine you would use the chair?

·  Would you want your massage chair to double as a lounger or simple recliner for viewing media or gaming?

  • Are you trying to replace a few (or all) of your chiropractic visits?

Answering questions like these is essential to narrowing your field of choices. Your best massage chair should be the one that meets your needs.

What About Cost?

Notice that budget did not fall onto that list. So many of the above questions point toward investment in a massage chair that is comfortable, flexible, durable, and attractive. It is easy to find a couple of those qualities in any chair. Many massage chairs look alike, for instance, and are comfortable when you first sit in them. But there are global brands and there are “factory” knock-offs, look-a-likes, and sound-alike names  of the better brands. Discerning which is which is pretty easy as long as you know where to look. 

For most, a massage chair is a one-time, significant investment in massage treatment that you hope will offer you years of comfort and satisfaction. Because of this, most people would be wise to consider a top-rated, high-quality, premium massage chair. Investing in a quality chair from a brand you can trust will ultimately pay dividends: these chairs deliver better massages, last longer, and are backed by good warranties supported by passionate after-sale service teams. 

Durability and Dependability

Chairs made by the top designers and manufacturers in the world—what you’ll find in what 2020 consumers report, for instance—are only found among the global brands in the market. With these global players, you’re assured that all aspects of manufacture, from design to engineering to assembly, is scrupulously overseen. Some brands cut costs by using lower-quality components, outsourced and lacking proper quality control. The best brands don’t cut corners making their massage chairs durable and dependable.

One signal of that dependability is the warranty the brand offers you. If a brand claims to be best, be sure you explore the details of their warranty to confirm that their warranties are also the best. Simple formula: best chairs from the best brands = best warranty. 

After all, the best massage chairs in the market should have the confidence to cloak their products in a good, simple, and serious warranty promise. If the manufacturer does not trust a product to be their responsibility for at least 3 years and communicate this to you with 3 years of full in-home warranty coverage, maybe it’s time to find yourself another brand who cares more about protecting the investment you’re making. Good brands are there for you. Simply put, good brands that make good massage chairs offer at least 3 years of full home coverage.  Apply this one simple test initially to slim down the field of models you should consider if you’re in search of the brands to trust. 

Our Brands

Top massage chair brands like those we carry at Furniture For Life offer an array of features that contribute to the overall effectiveness and comfort of a massage. Air massage functions, heated rollers, 3D and 4D design, zero-gravity position, full-body massage, with foot rollers, neck massage, and authentic shiatsu massage designed by a master—all these features and more are available.

OHCO, Panasonic, Positive Posture, and D.Core: These are names you’ll hear anywhere if you investigate an investment in a best-quality massage chair. And this is why we feature them at Furniture For Life.

Take a Test Drive

If you can, you should try out a chair before you make your purchase. The best chair in the world is the one that is best for you! Check the Location tab on our website for a Furniture For Life gallery or store near you. Or look for a retailer or showroom in your area. See how it feels to your body, and how its features measure up to your needs and wants. At Furniture For Life, we’re happy to answer questions about the brands we offer and where you might find them near you.

You should also note that the best massage chairs SHINE when you try them in person, and the longer you sit in them, the more impressive they become. A word of advice: never buy a massage chair that is sold exclusively through online merchants. If they aren’t good enough to be placed in showrooms nationwide, they aren’t ready for prime time (and they probably do not belong in the home of any discerning buyer).

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4D Massage Chairs

4D Massage Chairs

If you’ve been shopping for a massage chair for more than a few minutes, you will have encountered “4D massage chairs.” No, you haven’t wandered into the Twilight Zone!

3D massage chair technology is common in today’s chairs. As you would expect, the D does indeed stand for “dimension.” While a 4D chair does not transport you in time, a well designed 4D can take your mind into space!

To backtrack a bit, the three dimensions in a 3D massage chair are the original two dimensions: up and down and side to side—those have been around for a long time—plus the relatively new introduction, the third dimension: in and out. A 3D chair offers varying massage intensity to provide the depth and intensity (or gentleness) you desire from your chair. You can read more about 3D in our other article which you will find here.

So what do people mean by the fourth dimension in the massage chair industry? Speed. And specifically the up and down rolling speed of the massage mechanism along the chair track. 2D massage chairs and 3D chairs are capable of one constant up and roller speed that has been set by the manufacturer and (due to the design approach taken) can never vary. 

The ability to change up and down rolling speeds makes a 4D massage chair perform with even greater sophistication, even more like a human masseuse. The increase in depth and intensity, coupled with variable speed of movement along your back, can — in a well choreographed chair —make  you feel you are in the capable hands of a shiatsu master. And as always, a reclining 4D massage chair that offers a True Zero-Gravity® position can make your experience even more relaxing and more therapeutic.

Other features available on the market today, like heated massage or L-track massage, can take your massage experience even further.  When you enter the world of 4D technology, you may feel as if you’re traveling into space, and many of our customers report that this is EXACTLY what our selection of 4D chairs do for them!

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3D Massage Chairs

3D Massage Chair

What is a 3D massage chair, and why is that feature important?

The D in 2D, 3D, and 4D stands for dimension. The main mechanism in a massage chair has a fixed set of possible movements. These degrees of freedom of movement are inherent in the design and engineering of the main massage mechanism, and this design determines the dimensions of movement.

To understand 3D technology, it helps to cover a little history of the development of the market. Early model high-end massage chairs were limited to 2D movement: up and down, and left to right. Some early 2D chairs felt  pretty good, but with these early 2D designs, it was not possible to vary the depth and intensity of the massage without adding or removing padding on the chair back. 

Can you still find 2D massage chairs today in general circulation? The answer is a resounding yes! Most less expensive chairs (under $2500 give or take) tend to be 2D, as are all the mall chairs with bill acceptors or credit card swipers, and just about 100% of the back massage chairs you see at nail salons are 2D. But, a chair with 2D technology offers users limited capability. At the better-quality end of the market, 2D massage technology is outdated in the full-featured, full-body massage chair class.

3D massage rollers add a third dimension: forward and back. They’re able to protrude (or push into) muscle tissue and more effectively mobilize your spine—2D action mobilizes the spine as well, but not nearly as much. 3D massage chairs are also easier to customize. From options on a remote, you can choose a firm massage or a gentle massage based on your preference. A chair used by more than one person can be adjusted to suit the preference of the user. People’s tastes change over time, too. What feels intense to a novice user of massage chairs may feel too soft over time as their tastes change. 3D massage chairs can grow with you.

Furthermore, if the programming of a 3D chair is carefully designed, the in/out movement of the mechanism’s rollers will add nuance and complexity to the movements. This is a good thing because —done right—it feels very life-like and human. When all 3 dimensions (or degrees) of movement are designed by experts and thoroughly tested for sensation, the result is a beautiful symphony of movement.

3D is now a basic feature of higher-end massage chairs. You will find it offered with all top-quality massage chairs.